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Fanfic: Cercopithecus Mitis

Hey there. I've recently gotten into Kim Possible and stumbled across this archive - which is brilliant by the way. I'm not sure how much I'll be writing for Monkey Fist, but so far I've got this.

Title: Cercopithecus Mitis
Words: 3215
Characters: Monkey Fist, Dr Drakken, Shego
Summary: A 50 sentences challenge on Monkey Fist and Drakken in a relationship.
Warnings: A couple of references to sex, but nothing explicit. Rated T.

Find it here: (

AN: Cercopithecus Mitis is the latin name for the blue monkey.
Monty Fiske

Appreciation Day contribution 2012

We were lucky enough to get one contribution this year, even if I posted this a little late- the piece came just in time, though;

Art: HAPPY MFAD 2012!

With permission from the artist, ~Blairaptor

Speaking for myself, I'd be drawing Monty fan art if it wasn't for the incredible inspiration flow I have running for my own creations, and if anything, it's my life and what counts the most.
So, I haven't left the fandom, and no other fandom has taken over- except ''The Lost World''. It's just that I find it ridiculously hard to draw anything related to it, so I'm more likely to do KP/Monty stuff. D:
This archive is a break from the feel of professional pressure I have with serious art sites like DA, so if I have an idea, there's nothing holding my back from doing fan art for this fandom, as long as I can put it up where it belongs. When was DA serious, you say? Well, fan art isn't forbidden, but because I do realise my potential, because there are true ambitious artists on DA (and not just people having fun with fan art), and because I have my own characters, original art is of highest priority.
So I'm very glad this archive exists!

But- check last year for how this came to be (I wouldn't have been here if it wasn't for this fandom):
Monty Fiske

Monkey Fist Appreciation Day 2012 + something else!

Every year on March 20th, now for the 5th time, we've held a particularly productive day dedicated to our dear Monkey kung fu mutant, and to encourage people to draw something extra.

With most of our members focused on other interests, we have decided that it's no must to partake anymore. It never was obligatory, but this year you are free to join only if you really want to. Don't feel any pressure- we won't be disappointed if you don't deliver any work or words that day. Each day is a party. ;)
If you DO want to join, label and/or tag your post ''Appreciation Day''.



In other news, this fandom club is NOT dead. A new idea for a topic has entered the mind- a game for discussing Monty of some sorts. It'll take place over at the old forum as it's better suited for message boards and their page system, but the link will be posted here when that time comes.

It's an alphabet game where we mention a thing about the character with each letter, and you are of course allowed to go in-depth with the descriptions, with why, which episode and with screenshots if you can.

If you want to partake but don't have a forum account, please reply here. Then we'll just ignore the fact that posts will be hidden on here with increased numbers (they have to be clicked on to be viewed).

EDIT 21/03/12: The A-Z game isn't specifically for the day- it's just a general idea to keep the club running.

-The moderators
Monkey Fist Kim Possible

Monkey Fist Animal I have Become Video.

I was going to wait until I had more than just this video to post, but another fandom has taken hold of my interest at the moment so I don't know when I'll be doing more Monkey Fist related art, so I thought I'd go ahead and share this video now. I actually first heard the song on a Lilo And Stitch video, but it made me think of Monkey Fist, so I made a video to it.

Monkey Fist: Animal I Have Become
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Ok, so I do believe I have the back ground to my character planned out. She is one well traveled woman.

I also think I will start over again. I was going to go with the "I'm trying to save you from your fate" approach. But, if we all truly know Monty, and we do, we know he's probably not going to listen. He's way to set on his goals and is often blinded by his 'tunnel' vision missions.
If she (Ashlen) is truly going to get him to rethink what he's doing, she's probably going to have to play mind games with him, so that he can see it on his own.
That also adds a mysterious goal on her part.

I'm still finishing up moving, and it looks like a tornado went through my townhome......and packed everything in a neat little box. Such a nice tornado...

Disney Magazine

So, I'm trying to see if I can find some of the versions of Disney Adventures Magazine with the Kim Possible comics. I at least know there is one with Monkey Fist in it, I remember reading it while waiting at the dentist office. :B Wow, that was so long ago!

(no subject)

Sad this place isn't more active. But, after all, it's been a long time since the show was on.

Anyway. I find that when I went back to watch some of the episodes (mostly ones with Monkey Fist). I noticed things that I didn't back when they came out.
Like Monkey fist has a giant painting of a monkey in a bikini.... wtf?
I find it quite humorous when he takes the Tea pot from Bates, drinks from his cup from one hand, then just tosses the rest of the dishes off of the screen.
I imagine him thinking "F$#@ this tea!"

The Monkey and the Dragon

Ok, so, got the first part of my first chapter done. I'm calling this fanfiction "The Monkey and the Dragon".

Critique encouraged. I have also discovers that I can't spell worth crap.
Also, the editing might be weird...seeing that I don't know how text should be laid out. If anyone has any good examples, please let me know. :)

This is my first attempt at a fan fiction (that doesn't involve sex...........<.< ignore that).

ANYWAY... here it is.. It starts off in a scene in the last episode of Monkey Fist in 'Oh no Yo no' then trails off into an alternate story line.

I tried to use the cut code, but it seems that I can't paste anything to be cut. Hm...

Chapter One
Monkey Fist storms into one of his underground chambers, the look of determination in his eyes.

"YO NO the destroyer!" He shouts as the flames of the lanterns light the dim and dusty room.

He approaches a table in the center of the room, covered in various ancient texts, scrolls and idols. But, only one interests him.

Monkey Fist brushes away all but one scroll, as one of his monkey ninjas jumps on the table to turn the Lantern on. "Two Sides of the same mystical force. I need only unleash the Yo No, and it will lead me right to it's counterpart." He looks at his monkey ninja with delight in his yes. "The allusive weapon, we need only acquire the missing half of this scroll to locate the Yo No." His voice becomes more exited with each spoken word. His leading monkey ninja looks on with worry in his eyes. All of them were worried. They have witnessed their master become more and more insane and obsessed with power with each passing day.

"Then with both the Yo No and the weapon in my possession... I will be UNSTOPPABLE!" Monty screams with affirmation, lifting his arms into the air in triumph. "Come, my monkey ninjas. Our Destiny awaits us." Monkey Fist begins running back up the stairs on all fours, with the monkey ninjas closely behind. They dart confused looks back and forth at each other, knowing full well this will probably end up the same as every other venture they have gone on. But, they are loyal, and Monty is the only love and home they know.

"Make haste! Destiny will not wait for us!" He shouts, heading through several large rooms. A library that has not been touched by Monty's hand since he acquired the Mystical Monkey Power, stayed dim in stale. He runs through a long dark hallway, passing many paintings, and priceless sculptures he has obtained over the years. None of that need concern him now, he has much more important things to do. Finally, into the main chamber, where his favorite fireplace and chair sat in waiting.
He was almost to the door, when he is blinded by a light with no source. "GAH" Monty shouted as he covered his eyes with his arm. The monkey ninjas all stopped dead in their tracks, although, there intuitive senses told them they need not be afraid.

The light dims, and standing in Monty's path... was a woman, or at least it appeared so. A flowing green dress with black flame patterns at the trimmings, covered the figure. Pale golden brown hair and yellow eyes stood out in the darkness. Her frame was slim and stood as tall as Monty. Her hair went lightly below shoulder length and there were bags under her eyes. Her posture was firm and still, and her hands stayed tucked into her sleeves. A great sadness loomed about her.

"Whats THIS Then!" Month shouted, a bit annoyed that this was delaying him. This did not scare him as it would most others, after all, he has been through so many other strange adventures.

The figure speaks, with a soft voice, like the call of a morning dove. "Monty Fiske, you need not be afraid. I am here to warn you..." She stood upright, calm and centered, with her head up high, revealing more of her weathered face.

"Who are you and WHAT are you doing in MY castle!" He stood up on his feet and stroke a fighting stance, fists clinched in anger.

"You are not on your right path. If you do not change the trail in which you take, you will meet your demise by your own hand."  Her eyes meet his as she spoke. The monkey ninjas stood back, staring in disbelieve. Something about this woman's spirit calmed them and intrigued their curiosity. The head monkey ninja walked up next to Monty and lightly tugged on his left sleeve. Monty shoved him away.

"This intrusion shall not go unpunished!" Monty leaps into the air, and attempts to kick the woman. The mysterious figure only quietly closes her eyes, and lifts her hand, with palm facing outward. Monkey Fists body stops in midair, only feet away from her. Monty's expression goes from angry to shocked. His eyes widen in fear as he realizes he can't even move. His body was being controlled from the inside. The monkey ninjas begin to panic and they jump up and down. They screech and howl in an attempt to get the woman to stop.

The woman moves her arm about lightly, changing Monkey Fist's pose to a more relaxed stance, as if to lay him down. She gently placed him on the floor, ten feet in front of her. "Please, heed my warning, Monty. You are one of the few wicks of this world that only need be lit to reach enlightenment. Do not take this path in which you follow."

She places her hand back into her sleeve and releases Monty from her energy.

"WHO ARE YOU?, I demand you answer!" Monty leaps back up into another fighting stance. "I will NOT have you stand in the way of my Destiny. Monkey Ninjas, attack!" He points at the figure, commanding his minions to leap into action. But none of them move. They dart confused looks at each other, and back at Monty, trying to tell him that he should listen. "I will end this myself...YAAHHH" He dashed across the room toward the woman, leans back and aimed to strike her with his fist. She quickly placed her hand on his forehead when he was close enough. Monty became limp and fell to his knees, dazed look in his eyes, mouth agape. His arms fell to his side, the colored left his face and the pupils in both his eyes were gone, a blinding light glimmered through them.

He saw a vision. A vision of several different outcomes if he continued on this path. None of them good. One was being skewed with the lotus blade, held by Ron Stoppable. Another, being turned to stone and engulfed in sand, to spend the rest of eternity in suffering. Several more flashed past. The monkey ninjas didn't know what to do. They saw their master being hurt! They looked toward the woman eyes for compassion to stop.
This all happened in an instant. The woman removed her hand and placed it back into her sleeves.

Monty collapsed to the floor, on hand and knees. The color returned to his face and he was breathing heavily. The woman showed signs of becoming tired, although she tried her best to hide it. The monkey ninjas rushed to Monty's side, trying to comfort him, to see if he was ok. One of them frantically shook his arm. Monty calmly gestured him to stop. The minions slowly step away, not knowing what Monty's reaction was going to be. He gained his footing, placing one foot at a time onto the floor and he stood up, rubbing his forehead.

"Why... why have you shown me this, what good does it serve you?!" Monty speaks sternly, with a confused and perplexed look on his face. He stared into the woman’s face, looking for answers. 'This must be a trick' he thinks, 'one of Yamanuchi's warriors sent to trick me into giving up'.

The woman steps backwards a few feet and meets his gaze, her eyes dimmer than they were before. "It is the way of the dragon, to teach and protect."

"The..   dragon?" Monty scratches his head. "You are not from Yamanuchi then..." He whispered under his breath as he turned his head to glance at one of his minions, unaware that the woman could hear him. "I know of Yamanuchi, but I have no business with them. I am delivering a message that the 'Tao' has told me to bring you. Please heed my warning, do not waste your gifts...." She began to step backwards. Suddenly, she clapped her hands together and a bright light filled the room where she once stood. It became a bright smoke and ascended through the walls.

Got my Mojo back!

So, I've been drawing up a storm. Finally found my art mojo.

Here is another piece I've finished today. I say, Illustrator is not as intimidating as I thought.

And about the fan fiction. SO, I basically have an idea or a main plot of how I want it to go. But, just starting it is becoming very hard. I find myself staring at the screen for 10 minuets thinking "wtf do I start with?".
I'll probably start off in the middle of the last Monkey fist episode, and have the story trail off as an alternate story.

I know how I want my character to act, but I haven't figured out WHY I want her to feel that way (back story). I've got most of it set, but not in huge detail. Basically, she's done horrible things in the past and was once on the path that Monkey fist is on now (path to his down demise, downfall, suffering). She has since then, realized what she has done, but only after it was too late. She has cursed herself with immortality (but at the time, thought it was a great power). She wanders the world for her purpose and tries to steer others from this path of destruction, which is why she meets Monty in the first place.